Latvian Forest Cabin 

A Silent Meditation Cabin


Client: Private Client

Location: Riga, Latvia

Size:  20 sqm

Typology: Residential

Status: Completed, 2018

Arriving at Ozolino Retreat, you are taken by the shear vastness of the landscape. The air is fresh, the water clear and the grass feels soft underfoot. The countryside - its just what you need. You have been longing to come here, having heard tales of transformation and delight from fellow travellers. They warn 'Vispassana is the art of living, not the art of escaping', and so you step into the grounds and set the intention to be fully present in every action of your day.

The cabins are designed to support this. Each daily ritual, considered and refined to reveal only the most inherent processes required for a day living your vipassana practice. Stepping foot upon the cabin, you already sense this. It’s in the detail. The soft bullnose edge to the timber tread that gently rounds under the soul of your shoe.

The dowels to the timber bench seat and the space left to rest your feet as you untie your shoes to leave out of site. The chopping board recessed into the timber benchtop, with a bin drawer underneath for ease of collecting any waste from your food preparations. In every nook, every detail of your day has been thoughtfully considered in gestures that encourage a heightened sense of awareness in all that you do.


The architecture is quiet. It tucks into the landscape wherever it is placed, under the ancient pine forest or gently raised by timber legs where the grass meets the lake. It speaks to the landscape. You recognise the smell of the spruce pine that lines the cabin from your wanders in the surrounding woodlands. The exterior cladding of thatched bricks sits snug within the light timber frame, playing homage to the thatched roofs of traditional Latvian architecture. You place down your bag, take off your coat and hang it by the door, and so begins your time within the silent meditation cabin. 

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