Wild for Urban Zoo

A Co-Working Space

Riga, Latvia

Completed, 2019


Client: Private Client

Location: Sydney, Australia

Size: 100 sqm

Typology: Workplace

Status: Completed, 2019

WILD offers a modular and adaptable co-working system based on a fundamental understanding of the behavioural characteristics underlining the workplace and co-working cultures. Studies, based on the theory of "loose parts" proposed by Simon Nicholson in 1971 have shown an increase in productivity and creativity when individuals are given ownership of how and where they work.

Much like animals in the wild co-existing at the watering hole, WILD aims to foster a collaborative community amongst subscribers. The modularity of the design and its kit of parts enables subscribers to customise their work environment allowing for individual and focus work or the fostering of collaboration and networking with neighbouring subscribers.

Continuing the analogy of the Wild and as a nod to the Urban Zoo the design explores varying levels and ideas of enclosure in a contrast between the solid core element and the lightweight framework of the modular system. In comparison to a typical enclosure however, this system gives individuals a chance to explore outside their territory in a balance between allocated and unallocated work positions as well as areas designed for work and play behaviours.


The 300mm x 300mm grid system allows for the design to be easily reconfigured and adapted to any existing base building fabric. Likewise, the series of 3D printed recycled PET plastic connectors and designed kit of parts create a system of components that can easily be added to or subtracted from. The system can then be dismantled and reassembled, increasing the longevity and cost-efficiency of the fit-out allowing the existing resources to be reused

WINNER. Second Place 'Urban Zoo Co-Working' competition 2019.

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