Heatherton House


Concept, 2019

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Derived from the exploration of two core components, people and books, the design developed by exploring the interlocking of these two components to form an axis.  When interacted with, the closed spines begin to pivot and move along the axis, unfolding like the pages of a book. As more people interact with the space, the spines unfold to reveal a temporary room, open to interaction from all faces. 

External faces of the spines are mirrored allowing The Book Stop to take on the image of its surrounds, blending into the landscape and reflecting the activity of the community around it. The Book Stop both acts as a book depository at all times, whilst also taking on a sculptural form when devoid of use. 

Timber reveals along the edges and operable surfaces of each spine are specified in locally sourced timber specific to each location. The colour red is used throughout the design to mark the elements that users are to engage with to activate the space including handles, bike racks and sliding tracks.  

The Book Stop App aims to build a network of users at a local and global scale. The system opperates using QR codes to connect books, users and the Book Stop location. It keeps a database of all books that have been borrowed and returned as well as allowing users to lend a new book with a personalised recommendation. The app also keeps a record of each users borrowing history. Upon sign up, the users are provided with instructions on the app explaining how to use The Book Stop.

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