Design Philosophy

We are a Sydney-based interior architecture and design studio designing environments for people and place*.

Our research-led approach to design is focused on improving the human experience to create physical environments that nurture better lifestyles; whether it be at home, at work, or play. We are also committed to ensuring our work meaningfully contributes to the sustainability of our natural environment.


Working across a variety of project types and scales – domestic, commercial, retail, hospitality, exhibition, and graphic design – we offer a holistic approach to each project. You can read more about our design services here.

*People and place

At the centre of our design philosophy are two core pillars: people and place. Designing for people and place focuses on the relationship between people and their environment. To do this we need to understand: 


  1. Our clients; who they are – their relationships, culture, community – and what they need from their new environment. 

  2. How people use, occupy and inhabit space to improve on functionality and wellbeing

  3. Universal design, designing for inclusivity and equality.

  4. The physical context of each site, to maximise on passive design principles.

  5. The historical and cultural context of the site to ensure our response continues the regional architectural vernacular.

  6. The local community, and how our project can support businesses by specifying local materials, products, and craftsmen.

What is research-based design?

Research is an integral part of the project work we do. It allows us to remain progressive in our thinking to develop informed responses to current global issues.


Our research is focused on two questions:


  1. How can we bring people together?
    We live in an increasingly digital world where people are more likely to connect through a digital platform rather than in person. Our work focuses on fostering real connections between people and encouraging them to be present and aware of the spaces they occupy.

  2. How can we be more responsible in design?
    Responsible design is an attitude that emphasises environmental and social sustainability practices. It is our responsibility as designers to ensure what we design is safe and healthy for those who build, occupy, and inhabit these spaces. You can read more about responsible design here.

If you have a project you wish to discuss, you can get in touch with us here.

We are a Sydney-based interior architecture and design studio designing environments for people and place.

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