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This online journal is a record of our research and the thinking which underpins our approach to design. Here, we’ll be exploring how to nurture better lifestyles - delving into what is health and well-being and how do we design for it.

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At the center of our design philosophy are two core pillars: people and place. With this in mind our focus is on the relationship between people and their environment with a guiding design ethos that the spaces we design should:

  • Support human’s in functioning well and encourage good health.

  • As much as possible, should not damage or be harmful to the environment.

In short, we believe a space should:

  • Be functional

  • Look good

  • Be good for you

  • And do good by the environment

Our research helps us understand how to achieve this.

What is important to note is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, we believe in taking these principles, along with our research findings, and applying them to the individual, their space and their lifestyle – to come up with a tailored design solution that is right for them.

What to expect from our journal:

Here some of the topics we will be investigating include:

  • What is health and wellbeing and how do we cultivate it?

  • How do the (interior) spaces we inhabit impact us, our health and sense of wellbeing?

  • How can we design for occupant wellness?

  • How do we connect our interiors with the world outside?

And in doing so:

  • How is all of this an approach to environmentally conscious or ‘sustainable’ design?

This journal and our research looks towards the future - investigating how we can better our practice and produce a healthier standard of Interior Design.

After all,

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

– Winston Churchill, 1943

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We are a Sydney-based interior architecture and design studio designing environments for people and place.

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